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Remote Desktop Support Saves Time, Resources & Money

Many small businesses do not employ a full time, on site IT support team. Therefore, when users run into a problem with their computer or desktop, they must spend their own time trying to find a way to solve the issue. For business owners, this results in decreased productivity. Furthermore, if a user tries to troubleshoot the problem through phone support, they often find themselves frustrated, unable to adequately describe the problem.  This ends up costing the business more time, resources and money. If this situation sounds familiar and you are looking for a hassle free solution, you’ve come to the right place. Syndeo is a trusted IT consulting company that offers affordable remote desktop support to ensure your business continues to run smoothly.

Enjoy the Expertise & Experience of Our IT Engineers

With Syndeo, you have access to our advanced software remote tools. With these tools, our engineers are able to view the exact image that is featured on your desktop screen. From here, we are able to diagnose and resolve your technical issue remotely. Without the need to make an onsite trip, you are able to reduce your end costs and do not have to worry about an extra maintenance fee. Able to support all versions of Windows as well as Mac and Apple products, you can rest assured that no matter what platform your business is using, we have the expert knowledge and experience to solve your problem.

When it comes to technology, it is not if a problem occurs, but when. Don’t wait until it is too late; know you have a professional IT support team that is available to you immediately. Schedule a free consultation or learn more about our remote desktop support by contacting us at 760-650-3300.