Why You Need an IT Partner, Not Vendor

If your IT provider doesn’t know anything about your business (and doesn’t want to) you probably have a vendor that wants to take your order and your money, not join efforts to create mutual success. An IT partner, on the other hand, sincerely wants to make your company work better, so together, the two of you can be more profitable. The following are just a few reasons why a partner is better overall choice than a vendor when it comes to Managed IT services in San Diego.

A partner wants your company to succeed.
A partner knows that when you form a relationship, you will want to stay together as long as you both succeed. Such a win-win philosophy motivates your partner to learn about your business goals and work with you to achieve them.

A partner in IT services will watch your back.
Your IT partner stays up-to-date on industry news and innovations and guides you toward solutions that work and away from those that won’t. Similarly, a partner can alert you to obsolete technology and help you choose systems that have a clear migration path when new technologies emerge.

A partner will refer you to valuable resources.
A vendor is typically interested in the bottom line. Whereas a partner can help your business stay competitive and relevant in today’s changing business landscape. This means the San Diego IT consulting company you work with does more than take orders and ship products. Your partner will look for educational and technical opportunities that will strengthen and grow your business. 

An IT services partner knows it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.
You might find some vendors have a wealth of information and solutions, until you have a concern outside their wheelhouse. You can trust your IT services partner to make the effort to provide customized solutions that fit your business, rather than pressuring you to change your business to fit shrink-wrapped solutions.

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