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Remote Computer Access Setup Results in
Increased Productivity & Efficiency

Are you familiar with the hassles of transferring data from work back home? From having to carry your laptop to and from work each day to constantly sending files to yourself via email or by using a portable hard drive, you are frustrated by your inefficient technology systems. Fortunately, Syndeo Communications offers a convenient IT solution that also increases the productivity and efficiency of your business. With remote computer access setup by Syndeo, small business owners and their employees can remotely connect and work from their organization’s server from the comfort of home or any other remote location in a matter of seconds.

At Syndeo, we offer cross-platform capabilities that include support for PCs and Macs. With this technology, employees are able to access their computer desktop from any device including iPhones and iPads, as well as from a variety of smartphones including Android. Our clients rely on our personalized and convenient solutions for remote control, file sharing and editing documents and also enjoy increased productivity and efficiency. For businesses who are unfamiliar with how to properly maintain and monitor their new technology, our consultants will make sure the correct management tools are in place for success. Additionally, if your business expands in the future, our IT professionals will be able to easily add additional remote computers without the need to purchase additional hardware or software.

To schedule an audit or free consultation, contact Syndeo today at 760-650-3300 and learn how remote access will help your business grow.