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Do You Have a Data Disaster Recovery Plan?

Is your data protected? What happens if you lose your data? What is your data worth? At Syndeo, we ask our clients what their data disaster recovery plan is and are surprised by how many San Diego businesses are simply not prepared. In today’s digital world, data and technology enables businesses to operate and without it, many organizations are not able to survive hours, let alone a full day. From fires and storms to theft and power outages, is your business ready to withstand the damage of an unforeseen disaster or event?

Continuity Planning – Know Your Business will Operate Under Adverse Conditions

At Syndeo, we specialize in continuity planning because we know it is not a matter of if a disaster is going to happen, but when. Experts in IT infrastructure and planning, our consultants are able to clearly pinpoint where an organization is exposed to internal and external technological threats. With this knowledge, we are able to recommend effective prevention and recovery strategies and a roadmap for how to continue operations under adverse conditions. Our clients are provided with peace of mind knowing their data is safe and secure and that their employees and technology will still be able to efficiently operate during an emergency.

With the cost of proactive measures far less than the cost and time required to recover data, there is no reason to put your business at risk. Contact Syndeo, a trusted San Diego IT consulting firm, at 760-650-3300 go to sleep knowing your business will continue to operate with disaster strikes.