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Video Conferencing

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Video Conferencing Service Helps Businesses
Stay Ahead of the Competition

Today, more and more businesses, both big and small, are utilizing video conferencing service. Video conferencing allows remote users to speak with each other face to face, while also enabling them to collaborate on documents and share vital data. The result is faster decision making and increased productivity, allowing businesses to bring products and solutions to market faster, staying ahead of the competition. Especially important for smaller businesses, video conferencing also helps enhance customer relations. Able to see your clients face to face, you are able to view facial expressions and share your message the way you intended it, in a more personal manner.

Business Video Conferencing Saves Time & Money

At Syndeo, we offer business video conferencing services to help our clients save time and money. There are many situations where a face to face meeting with an employee, customer or prospect would be beneficial; however, due to time or budget restraints, an on-site visit is not possible. With our video conferencing option, you are able to reduce travel costs and conduct conferences and meetings vital to the operations of your business without leaving your office.  We help you maximize your time and money and offer our video conferencing services in affordable plans that are able to successfully coexist and support your current IT infrastructure.

For more information about our video conferencing options or our other San Diego IT solutions and services, contact one of our IT professionals at 760-650-3300.