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Email Security

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Email Security Services Protecting Your
Business from Viruses, Spam & Malware

It is vital to the operations and efficiency of a business to have email service that includes features such as plenty of storage, protection from viruses, spam and malware, as well as message continuity for if a server is unavailable. With Syndeo, your small to medium-size business enjoys cost effective and efficient email security services including state of the art filtering. Additionally, we offer personalized email addresses that match your domain name, giving your small business instant authority and credibility. With our email systems, you can strengthen communications among your employees and with your customers, while also increasing work productivity.

Business Email Solutions Available without High Setup Costs

At Syndeo, we understand that many small businesses rely on their business email accounts to accomplish a variety of tasks. As a result, we offer our business email solutions at an affordable price, without the high setup costs. There is no hardware or software to install and all hosting servers are maintained by our team of expert IT professionals, guaranteeing reliable email service without management hassles.

Receive first class email your small business can afford and raise the quality of your email service to the highest professional level. Contact Syndeo at 760-650-3300 to speak with one of our email security experts and schedule a free consultation.