How Small Businesses Can Improve Network Security

Network security has become an integral part of any organization, large or small. If networks aren’t secure, businesses are subject to major security issues within their organizations and risk losing customer, client, or consumer trust. This is why it is important to always be thinking of new ways to improve security at all levels. Here are some ways that small business can improve network security, brought to you by Syndeo Communications, a leading provider of IT support San Diego businesses trust.

Security Software

Malware and antivirus software can significantly reduce the number of threats that users may face on a daily basis. Firewalls and other network devices can also protect against unwanted activity. Security as a service (SaaS) is also a good option when trying to manage a large number of workstations. It allows central management of software and can help make sure that antivirus programs are always up to date.

Permission Control

If your organization uses a domain infrastructure, it is possible to assign detailed permissions to each individual user and to groups of users. This feature is useful as it can lock down sensitive information and make sure that only those who need access to information will be able to access it. You can also restrict who has privileges to install software on office workstations. Since lots of third-party software comes loaded with malware and other malicious items, it is important to restrict who has permission to install software.

Wi-Fi Security

One of the most common access points on any network is Wi-Fi connections. As a greater number of users start using Wi-Fi devices, the need to have good Wi-Fi security increases. Wi-Fi networks should be password protected and default settings should be changed to make it more difficult for people who are not familiar with the network to access it. Configuring routers to not broadcast network names can make a wireless network “invisible” to most mobile devices. Only those who know the exact name of the network will know where to look.

Hire a Professional

Staying up to date with emerging threats is a constant battle between security and those who would like to get through it. This is why companies cannot afford to be complacent when it comes to securing their networks. Even if you have the best security system in place today there is always someone trying to figure out a way to break into it tomorrow. Keeping an IT professional on hand or hiring trusted San Diego IT consultants can help make sure that threats are avoided as best as possible and that they can be recovered from in the event of a breach.

Hopefully by following these steps you will be able to keep better security on you network and make sure you are secure from both internal and external threats. For more information about network security, reach out to Syndeo Communications. We proudly offer comprehensive managed IT services in San Diego, including remote desktop management, cloud computing, and 24/7 support. Give us a call today at (760) 650-3300 and request a complimentary consultation.