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Escondido Supplier Turns To Syndeo To Prevent Data Disaster

Mature business leaders understand that limiting all risks is essential to achieving success. Businesses continue to fortify their premises with alarm systems, video surveillance systems and other physical security measures; however, one often overlooked risk is corporate data. A local Escondido supply and design company no longer has to fear downtime since engaging Oceanside, California IT service company Syndeo Communications.

Jessica Torpey, Catalina Designs

“We were closing out 2010 when I accidentally deleted some files out of our accounting software. I was trying to reconstruct everything by putting in every invoice and every PO, but then realized that wasn’t working. I called Syndeo, and because of the way they have our server set up, they were able to literally give us back our whole accounting software to the day before I deleted everything. I had already spent a week and a half on it, and I would have been working 16 hours a day to piece it all together. What took them 48 hours probably would have taken me a good two months. That was huge.”

Joost van Adelsberg, CPA

“I was at a peak cycle in my business as a CPA and expecting an international package when I opened an email from ‘FedEx’ that ended up being a virus. My computer immediately looked like it was getting gobbled. It attacked Intuit files, which is most of my software, and I could not get past the login on any of those programs. I called Syndeo, and they hooked me up with a technician who logged in to my computer remotely and we worked through it together. He was very logical about how to approach my problem and did a really good job. It took about four hours start to finish to get it solved. Time is really money in my business, and I could not not have a computer right then.”

Mike Elliot, Aquatic Life

“Last year there were heavy rains and flooding in our area of LA and we were without our T1 line for the month of December. We set up a workaround, but it probably impacted sales. After that I met with Syndeo and we mapped out a plan for what we would do if something like that happened again. Now we have a backup system that is running a mirror image of our server, so if anything happens to it, they just flip a switch and our computers can look at the mirror image. We also have a system set up so if the T1 goes down, our phone and Internet still work. The nice thing is, all the changes to the mirror image get backed up overnight to a remote location. I don’t even have to deal with anything.”