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Expert IT Audit – Measure the Productivity of Your Business

At Syndeo Communications, we believe the technology should not be a hindrance to a business, but something that when utilized correctly, can help achieve the goals and objectives of an organization. For small to medium-size businesses that suffer from decreased efficiency and increased costs due to technology, we offer premier IT audit and planning services. Carefully examining the management controls within the IT infrastructure of your business, our expert consultants determine if the current system in place is safeguarding assets, maintaining data integrity and operating efficiently.

Prior to making any changes to your technology systems, we will review areas of your business including:

  • Current Technology – An inventory of all the technology used throughout your organization including servers, hardware and software.
  • Current Backup & Support – What systems currently protect the technology of the business and security and disaster recovery plans
  • Internal Practices – Internal policies and procedures including how the business isdivided, who uses the technology and how each individual is trained with the technology.
  • Immediate Technology Needs – Technical problems and situations that severely hamper or prevent the execution of activities key to your organization.

Expert IT Network Consulting to Address Your Highest Technical Priorities

With our IT network consulting services, you receive a comprehensive IT audit which provides a detailed analysis of the state of your business from a technological perspective. This enables us to create and present you with an IT plan that aligns with the needs and goals of your business, as well as your forecasting and budgetary requirements. With our systematic approach we clearly pinpoint where technology is negatively affecting your business and implement change to reduce technology costs while improving efficiency. If you are interested in a free network audit, fill out our quick and easy online form or call us at 760-650-3300 and speak with an IT planning professional.