On Site Support

As San Diego’s trusted computer consulting firm, we are here to help with issues you may have at your location with your computers or network. A lot of service providers find every reason NOT to come to your location to serve you. Sometimes what will take hours to try to accomplish remotely can be handled in a few minutes on-site.

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Off-Site Support

There is no doubt that remote support can often times be the fastest form of remediation available. Sometimes you have a quick question about a program or having an issue with printing. As your trusted computer consulting firm, we utilize state-of-the-art remote access technology that gives us the same view of your computer as if we were sitting at it.

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On-Going Support

As your trusted computer consulting firm, we’ve got your back. Whether you need help fixing unforeseen technical emergencies or require regular maintenance for your IT systems, our expert engineers provide disaster recovery and ongoing technical support. Enjoy predictable costs with our customized monthly service plans and immediate assistance.

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Our IT Consultants Help You Increase Productivity, Efficiency & Profit

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Why Choose Syndeo

  • Knowledge

    Highly trained technical teams with 32 years of combined experience.

  • Your Business is Our Business

    Our “We’ve got your back” promise will never let you down. We are always there when you need us the most.

  • Stay Ahead of Your Competition

    We help our clients surge ahead of competitors by making technology work for them.

Your Reliable San Diego IT Support Partner

Syndeo Communications is a trusted San Diego IT Support company offering IT solutions that increase productivity and decrease unforeseen technical emergencies. At Syndeo, we understand that not all companies are equipped with the knowledge, time or personnel to manage their IT in-house. With help from our team of expert technicians and engineers, small and medium-size businesses are able to enjoy the same level of IT support of some of the largest, most profitable corporations in the United States.

Our IT Consultants Help You Increase Productivity, Efficiency & Profit

With Syndeo, we help our clients realize the importance of efficient IT. For example, have you ever thought about the time and total cost you are losing to slow or sluggish computers? Let’s say you own a small business with 25 employees. Each day your employees have to wait 2 minutes to launch a program and on average, they launch 5 programs a day. This means each of your employees lose at least 10 minutes per day due to technical problems. Although this may not appear to be much at first, if you take those 10 minutes, multiply them by 250 working days per year, and then by your 25 employees, the result is nearly 1,050 hours of lost and unproductive time. At Syndeo, we work closely with our clients and take the time to learn about their business. As a result, we are able to provide the technical insight, services and infrastructure needed for increased productivity, efficiency and profit.

Know Your Business will Continue to Operate when Disaster Strikes

We live in a digital world where data means everything. In fact, most businesses are unable to survive and operate without it. At Syndeo, we make sure that the correct systems are in place so when an emergency does occur, your business will continue to operate. We also know that disasters aren’t the only problems that businesses run into and offer 24 hour support from our help desk. Whether something has crashed or you just need assistance troubleshooting your printer or smart phone, our highly trained technical experts are available to provide immediate assistance whenever needed.

Remove the Headaches of IT and Contact Syndeo Today

With a focus on communication and providing the best customer service experience possible, Syndeo has become recognized as a reliable and trustworthy San Diego computer consulting firm. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced technicians and engineers take care of all your IT needs from planning to implementation so you are able to focus on your core business.

Remove the headaches of IT. Contact Syndeo Communications at 760-650-3300 and learn more about how our IT services and solutions are an ideal fit for your business.

Remove the Headaches of IT and Contact Syndeo Today!