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Remote Data Backup

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Reliable Remote Data Backup Protects Data &
Ensures Employee Productivity

If the hard drive on your server failed, how long could your company survive? What if there was a natural disaster such as a fire; how fast could your business recover its data? Data is the most valuable asset a small business has and unfortunately many are not protecting it. At Syndeo, we understand that small businesses rarely have the staff or budget to handle complex data protection in-house and offer cost effective and reliable remote data backup. By backing up and storing your data in our secure offsite location, your employees will be able to retrieve important files from any internet-connected device should your business experience an unforeseen interruption.

How Does Remote Storage Service Work?

With remote storage service from Syndeo, you can rest assured knowing your business’ important data is protected. Prior to leaving your organization, your data will be securely encrypted and automatically backed up to our remote data center. By storing your data at a remote location, your business enjoys more space at your local site, while maximizing redundancy and improving the overall performance of your business. Additionally, our backup recovery technology is compatible with a variety of platforms and is supported by our team of professional IT support engineers if you need immediate, step by step assistance.

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