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Wired vs. Wireless Networking

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Wired vs. Wireless Networking

When setting up your computer network, you have two choices, wired or wireless networking. While it seems like everyone in today’s world is going wireless with their smartphones and tablets, it is still important to consider both options for your business.

Wired networking requires a physical connection to access the network. Although having wires running through the office may not be attractive, wired networks offer a high level of control and security. The business has full control over the individuals and the information that gets online, keeping unwanted individuals out of your network. Another benefit of wired connection is reliability and speed, making wired networking an ideal option for businesses that regularly need to move a large amount of data.

The main disadvantage of having wires running through the office is that they can be costly and time consuming to maintain. For example, if a business hires a new employee, a new wire will have to be manually installed for that individual. If that wire overlaps or disturbs the connection of another employee, some changes in routing may be required. Additionally, if there are any wire breakages, those will also have to be repaired manually.

Wireless networks on the other hand are relatively easy to set up. In addition, you will not have exposed cables throughout the office and your employees are provided with more flexibility as they are able to set up work in any location of the office. However, connectivity is not as reliable as with wired networks. Depending on your individual provider, employees may experience connectivity problems for a variety of reasons such as poor weather.

Eliminate Wireless Network Concerns with Expert Help from Syndeo

One of the main concerns that individuals have with a wireless network is security. Your network is no longer confined to the physical walls of your office, exposing your data and information to possible attackers. If your wireless network is not properly secured, you increase your risk for viruses and malware. Fortunately with the help of a reliable San Diego computer consulting company, you can mitigate these risks by implementing the proper network security measures.

If you are unsure of which is networking option is right for you, contact Syndeo Communications, a trusted San Diego IT service provider. Our professional IT network specialists will perform an audit of your business and help you select which network will provide