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Introduction to Network Security

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Introduction to Network Security

Operating a small business comes with a variety of different challenges. Some of these challenges involve keeping company networks secure from internal and external potential risks. This is why small business owners in San Diego should understand network security and how it applies to their business operations and their data needs.

What is Network Security?

Network security can be defined as a specialized area that must be managed and maintained by an information technology area, specifically network administrators. The basic role of network administrators is to prevent various kinds of security risks issues before they occur. These goals and objectives can be accomplished by working with the business owner or company officials to establish policies that govern how security should be administered. The policies that the company establishes are designed to prevent data misuse as it also monitors unauthorized access.

In addition to keeping unauthorized users from using company networks, network administrators are responsible for modifying each user’s access, (i.e. grant and deny network access based on company guidelines).

Network Security Protection Measures & Small Business Benefits

Understanding network security is essential to the success of small businesses since the primary purpose of this IT service is to protect the company’s data. Many small businesses collect and store a wide diversity of information from customers all over the world.

For instance, the company may collect various pieces of personal information from clients (i.e. social security numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers and the like). While this information may be needed to conduct business activities, customers that supply the information expect their data to remain secure.

The proper security must be maintained to ensure confidential data does not fall into unauthorized hands. Network hackers, viruses, malware are all common concerns and potential risks. So, it is important for small businesses to have the right types of security protection measures in place at all times.

Is Your Network Secure?

At Syndeo Communications, we specialize in San Diego IT services and work with small businesses throughout the county to make sure their networks and data are secure. If you are unsure if you have the right security in place to protect the important information of your business, contact us today. After learning about your business and your needs, we will help create a plan that will protect you from any potential threats. For more information about network security or any of our other IT services, contact us today at 760-650-3300.