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How Safe is Your Business Data?

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How Safe is Your Business Data?

From daily communication and quarterly reports to business plans and company assets, it is critical to establish network security that protects your valuable business data. Just think of the damage one could do if they got a hold of your private business information. Whether it is a competitor, a disgruntled employee or malicious hacker that gains access to your business data, how would that affect your business?

Syndeo – Helping San Diego Businesses Protect Their Data

A professional San Diego IT Support Company, Syndeo Communications, can help ensure the security of your computer network and safety of your business data through the following ways:

Set up a cloud for company communication

Most businesses rely on email for a majority of their communication. However, most emails are not secure and easily accessed by hackers. Additionally, anyone who has access to your computer, tablet or mobile device can view your emails. To improve the security of your business communication and data our IT professionals will set up a cloud. This will allow of your work computers to be connected through a real-time communication network at the same time.

Store data on cloud servers

Cloud servers offer you greater security than that given by physical servers. Small and medium sized businesses often do not have sufficient resources to invest in server protection facilities. Additionally, servers that are kept on your premises are at risk of disasters such as floods, fires, employee carelessness and theft. However, data stored on remotely located cloud servers is safe from these potential hazards.

Protection through encryption

Our IT professional will establish encryption on your devices. Full disk encryption locks your hard drive in a way that other people cannot gain access into your data. This measure protects even other data that comes to your devices; data that has not yet been transferred to storage on the cloud platform.

Password protection

Data security experts advise that you should have different passwords for each site you register to use. This minimizes risk of exposure in case a hacker breaches your password and uses it to access other sites. Since it is difficult to recall passwords used in over many websites, we recommend using a password manager system or a customary password format.

Remote data destruction commands

Imagine you have left your laptop in a cab or your car is broken into and the burglar steals your smartphone. That data has fallen into the hands of a stranger. You can counter the risk by utilizing software that allows you to destroy data on such devices. This application is also known as remote wipe. Passcode wipe is another alternative. If someone tries to enter your secret code incorrectly, the stolen devise triggers a mechanism that erases all your data.

For a free consultation, contact Syndeo Communications today at 760-650-3300 and start protecting your data before it’s too late.