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Workgroup vs. Domain: Which One is Right for You?

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Workgroup vs. Domain: Which One is Right for You?

Did you know there are different ways to organize computers within a network? If your business is running windows, you have two options for modes of operation: workgroup and domain. Generally speaking, most home and small businesses use a workgroup and medium and larger companies tend to use domains. However, it is important to understand the differences between the two so you can select the operation mode that would be most beneficial to your business.

The main difference between a workgroup and domain is how the computers and other resources within the network are managed. The computers within a workgroup are equal peers with no single computer having control over another. Each computer within the workgroup has a set of user accounts. Before an individual is able to log onto a computer in the workgroup, they must have a specific account on that computer. Besides this basic access control, workgroups offer little security and are not protected by a password. For smaller businesses that do not exceed twenty computers, this level of security is often sufficient.

Domains on the other hand offer a high level of centralized management. Domains are made up of a group of computers that share security, access control and receive data from a separate server called a domain controller. The function of the domain controller is to control the security and permissions for all computers. If you have a user account on the domain, you are required to provide a password and in some cases, other credentials, each time you want to access the domain. If you want to log on to another computer on the domain, you do not need a separate account on that computer. With domains, larger companies with thousands of computers have administrative control and are able to maintain consistency across all of their computers.

Still Need Help Deciding Between a Workgroup and Domain?

While the information above outlines the main differences, each business is unique and has its own set of technical and security needs. For expert advice that is tailored to the needs of your individual business, contact Syndeo Communications, the San Diego IT support specialists. We will perform an IT audit of your business and if we find other ways we can help you increase your efficiency and productivity, our IT support specialists will let you know. Contact us today for a free consultation 760-650-3300.