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Why Outsource Your IT Support?

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Why Should Small Businesses Outsource IT Support?

It’s never easy to keep a company’s technology running smoothly, especially for a small business. The pressure is always on to tighten the budget and do more with fewer resources. When it comes to saving money and increasing efficiency, outsourcing IT, either in full or in part, simply makes good business sense. Here’s why.

Pay as you go

How many small businesses in San Diego can actually afford full-time IT staff? How many truly need support 24/7? For smaller companies, a full-time IT salary that’s not working at capacity is a luxury they can’t afford. Outsourced San Diego IT support offers these companies a simple, affordable “pay as you go” model that can keep the budget tight without skimping on IT help when it’s needed.


IT outsourcing can also supplement your existing staff. Small businesses usually have a smaller IT team, sometimes even just one person, made up of IT generalists. While this type of tech support is suited for day to day repairs, specialized staff may need to be brought in for application-specific upgrades and new software rollouts. For example, maybe your small business wants to make the leap to Microsoft Exchange. A consultant knowledgeable in this specific area could implement a solution far more painlessly than your IT staff. Outsourcing projects like this can also keep staff free to perform their daily activities instead of locking them up working on one thing while other duties are left undone.

Less busywork

Outsourced services could also be used to take over a certain aspect of your IT staff’s duties. For example, an outsourcing company could handle backups or network monitoring. These are areas that aren’t necessarily knowledge-intensive but can be time-consuming, especially when needed on a daily basis. Outsourcing activities that are frequent time sinks can give you IT staff their time back, freeing them up so they can perform their daily activities more efficiently.

Outsourcing IT support just makes sense for small businesses. It can be used to replace staff completely for companies that just can’t justify a full-time IT salary or it can be a valuable tool to unburden your busy IT team from busywork or exceedingly difficult tasks. Either way, outsourcing support can result in better efficiency and a huge cost savings for small businesses.

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