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Top 3 IT Support Issues

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Top 3 IT Support Issues

As a leader in San Diego IT support, we’ve worked with many clients and have noticed that there are certain issues that commonly plague small and medium size businesses. To help you protect your business, we’ve created a list of the top three issues that occur when a company does not employ a reliable IT support staff that reacts to instead of prevents issues.

  1. Malicious software. Oftentimes, we see many employees using an outdated browser or antivirus program. When this happens, the computer becomes more susceptible to infecting their workstation with a virus or spyware. Once an employee has opened malicious software, they could not only infect their computer, but could spread the virus across multiple computers or the entire network.  Although the solution is as easy as installing the most up-to-date antivirus software, some businesses are unsure of where to find appropriate software and how often to update.
  2. Printing issues. When using a network printer, a worker will be at their desk and will suddenly have a problem printing a document. Usually, when this happens, it is caused by the worker not using the program correctly. Other times, it is the result of someone not setting up the printer correctly. When set up incorrectly, something as simple as a printer can cause network issues and result in problems for multiple employees. As a business owner, this costs you as your employees are unable to work efficiently.
  3. Sluggish computers. Sometimes businesses cannot afford newer technology and as a result, employees may be forced to work with out of date and slow technology. In addition to technology being out of date, sluggish computers can be a problem if an employee has too many programs installed or does not frequently clean or scan their computer. They will see a gradual slowdown in the speed of their workstation and you as a business owner are losing money due to their lack of productivity.

Each of the above problems can be remedied by taking a proactive approach. By having a professional IT support company by your side, you can enjoy the knowledge and peace of mind, knowing that all of your technology is protected. They will also fix small issues early, helping you to avoid spending hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars on fixing routine hardware, software and network issues.

If you’re in need of an IT support team or simply have questions about the services provided by a professional support staff, contact Syndeo Communications today.