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Cost of Emergency IT Support

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Cost of Fixing Emergency IT Breakdowns

One of the most frequently asked questions by small businesses in search of an IT support company is how much are emergency support services going to cost? Unfortunately, there is no set cost for emergency support as the final cost varies depending on your individual business, its size and how much technology you use.

A common misconception about emergency IT support services is they are too expensive for small and medium-size businesses who are trying to grow. This is far from the truth. Many business owners use the cost of a full-time IT technician as a reference point for how much outsourcing their IT will cost. By doing so, they expect their costs to range from $40,000-$60,000 per year which is a very expensive way to support a small business network. Fortunately, Syndeo Communications offers affordable emergency support services at a fraction of the cost of a full-time IT technician. Furthermore, we offer support during late night hours and on weekends, when a full time IT technician would typically be out of the office. Our affordable and fast response emergency support services are available whenever and wherever you need help.


When measuring cost of emergency technical support, it is also important to look at more than just the end of the year financial report. You also have to consider the cost of downtime, any time your employees’ productivity was negatively affected by technology. With help from Syndeo Communications, you can rest assured knowing our emergency support team is on-call and ready 24/7 to ensure that your technology problems are resolved as fast as possible so your employees can maintain high productivity.


The cost of hiring an emergency IT support company to monitor your Information Technology systems is much less than the cost of trying to find one after a technical disaster occurs. Learn the true value of emergency support systems and how much we can help you save. Contact Syndeo Communications today for a free consultation.