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Video Conferencing for Small Businesses

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How Can Video Conferencing Help Your Small Business?

Why fax when you can email? Why make a phone call when you can IM? The way we do business every day is constantly evolving. Now video conferencing is fast becoming a vital means of communications, devaluing the necessity of in-person meetings and even supplanting the need to be in the office at all. Nowhere is this more evident than in the small business sphere. Small businesses are usually the quickest to innovate and adopt new ways of doing things, typically out of necessity, and the maturation of video conferencing as a vital component of daily business is no exception.

Cost savings: This factor is especially important for businesses with traveling staff or with employees in separate locations. Consider the annual cost of travel for staff meetings and sit-downs with clients. Now imagine those costs decreasing sharply or possibly going away entirely. Budgetary concerns are paramount for small businesses in San Diego and video conferencing can make a major impact on the bottom line.

Employee morale: A study conducted in August revealed that long commutes negatively impact an employee’s physical and mental health. Video conferencing is an IT solution that can facilitate telecommuting, lessening stressful commutes. A happy employee is a productive employee and one who will be more apt to stay with your company.

Larger footprint: Just because a business is considered “small” doesn’t mean it needs to come across that way to customers. Video conferencing allows small businesses in San Diego to expand their footprint and grow their staff in diverse locations while staying in touch with these remote employees. More staff in more places can mean more business and, perhaps, the small company won’t be so small for long.

While there are a few instances where video conferencing is not desirable, including traditionally-minded clients, multiple-day events and special occasions, video conferencing can be a major benefit to small businesses looking to save money, keep employees happy and grow their business.

For more information on video conferencing for your small business, contact Syndeo Communications. We are the leader in San Diego IT solutions and are happy to answer any of your questions.