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Benefits of Remote Desktop Connection

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Benefits of Remote Desktop Connection

Remote desktop connection provides a variety of benefits for users, specifically businesses. At the most basic level, remote desktop connection uses screen sharing and remote control software that enables individuals to access the files and data of another computer over the internet. Your employees can view their work computer as if they were sitting right in front of it from anywhere in the world.

When might this be helpful? Let’s say you got home and wanted to continue working on a project but you forgot to email yourself the file. With remote desktop access, this wouldn’t be a problem. You could log on to your work computer and gain access to all your files and data, allowing you to complete your project ahead of schedule. This can also be helpful if you are in a business meeting and accidently forget a crucial document. Just log on from a computer nearby and view or print the needed material.

Setting Up a Remote Desktop Connection

If your business uses a windows operating system and your employees use windows on their computer at home, remote access sharing is already built in. Changing a few simple preferences can allow your employees to access their information with a few simple clicks. There are also additional software programs that perform remote desktop without changing router settings. Some free programs include Teamveiwer and LogMeIn. In addition, there are apps that are iOS/Android compatible which means access can be gained on a mobile device or tablet.

An added bonus of setting up a remote desktop is added technical support. Many times, employees run into problems with their computers and do not have the time or knowledge to solve them. Furthermore, when they call tech support, they are unable to adequately describe the problem to the technician, causing more frustration and confusion. With remote desktop support, the technician will be able to view exactly what your employee sees on their computer, including the problem and can fix it without making an on-site visit.

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