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Benefits and Drawbacks of Receiving E-Mails on Your Mobile Phone

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Receiving E-Mails on Your Mobile Phone

The world we live in is one of convenience. Technology such as smartphones has changed the way we work, providing us with a method where we can receive business emails and contact clients from almost anywhere in the world. We are always accessible and are able to improve our communication and efficiency with the help of smartphones.  As a San Diego IT Support company, our clients always ask us the benefits and drawbacks of mobile email messaging. In this blog post we hope to shed light on some of these benefits and drawbacks.

While smartphones provide the means for you to continue your business functions on the go, it can also be a source of stress if it were to be stolen or lost. A great deal of information is shared through email, especially for professional correspondence. Many people take for granted this convenience and don’t really process the risks that are involved when linking their smartphone to their business. Without a way to lock your phone other than a finger-swipe, anyone picking it up can have access to your confidential business emails, passwords or customized applications unchallenged.

According to a study completed by Adobe Systems Inc., email is the number one primary use of a smartphone. This surpasses actually making phone calls by one-percent. As only 26-percent of people have encryption methods available on their phones, this leaves a rather large portion of smartphone owners that risk compromising business information on a daily basis. If there are 110 million smartphones users in the United States, this means that 65,492,000 phones in circulation have no methods of encryption to protect data transferred via email.

Emails can also be vehicles for viruses. Often disguised as a message from a familiar contact, many unsuspecting smartphone users open these emails with attached viruses, exposing their data to intruders and potentially risking the functionality of their phone. For businesses that use smartphones for frequent and important email communication with employees, it is important that antivirus protection software is installed to detect and stop any malicious material from infiltrating company information.

If you have any other questions about email security, contact Syndeo Communications. Offering expert IT solutions for San Diego businesses, we can help keep your email, business data and important information safe and secure.