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Should You Upgrade to Microsoft Office 2013?

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Should You Upgrade to Microsoft Office 2013?

Since its launch in July 2012, there has been a lot of interest concerning the new Microsoft Office 2013. As with the release of any updated software, many people are probably wondering if they need to switch to the new version or if they can manage just as well with the current version they already have installed. We’ve outlined some of the major upgrades of the Microsoft Office 2013 to help you decide if you should make the switch.

The first benefit of Microsoft 2013 is that it can be easily viewed and managed on tablets and smartphones, where no previous Office software has been compatible before. With new streamlined designs for all Microsoft applications, the entire suite is more user-friendly and visually appealing.

In regards to specific Microsoft applications, some of the major changes can be seen in Word and Excel. For instance, with the new changes in Microsoft Word, you can now access a PDF from your mobile device, make changes to the file and then save the changes as a new PDF file. In addition, Word features new graphic enhancements, allowing users to insert pictures into documents as well as sound through a video dialogue option. Microsoft Excel is also enhanced, with an option that enables users to quickly fill columns with data and enhanced chart creation features to make data more visually appealing.

The new Microsoft Office is also a valuable resource during business presentations or weekly meetings as you can now share your notes and reports on Excel, Word or PowerPoint. Your co-workers can attend the meeting with their laptops or tablets and as the meeting progresses; they will be viewing your slides as you go. That eliminates the need for projectors and screens. It gives the expression reading from the same script a completely new meaning.

One of the biggest benefits of Microsoft Office 2013, we’ve saved for last. The entire office is cloud based, meaning you can retrieve your documents from any location, using any device. The Office 365 platform offers full storage and functionality in an online environment, allowing users to get everything they need from the office, directly from the cloud. This full online integration allows for higher productivity from workers.

Make the Switch to Microsoft Office 2013

While there are many benefits to Microsoft Office 2013, other factors such as the size of your business, how many computers you have and the current software you are running will all have an impact on whether it would be in your best interest to make the switch. If you need advice from a professional computer consulting company, contact Syndeo Communications today. We specialize in IT solutions for San Diego businesses and are familiar with the new Microsoft Office suite and its many benefits. We offer free consultations and would be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning the new software. Contact us today at 760-650-3300.