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Commonly Outsourced IT Services

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What Can Outsourced IT Do For Your Company?

While outsourced IT support can save money for companies of all sizes, it plays a vital role in smaller companies’ IT environments. Small businesses that typically don’t have budget space for IT staff can get full time help at part time prices from IT consulting firms. Even companies that do have an IT employee or two will realize the benefits of outsourcing desktop services, network support and specialized San Diego IT services.

Desktop Services: Desktop support is a lot less necessary today than it used to be. Today’s desktops are more forgiving than they were a decade ago and employees are more computer-savvy. More small companies are forgoing paying full time helpdesk staff in favor of calling a support company when those insurmountable needs come up. IT outsourcing companies like Syndeo Communications in San Diego can provide help 24/7, in person or remotely, to fix desktop issues at an hourly rate instead of on a salary. It’s just more cost efficient.

Network Services: The cost efficiency of outsourced IT services is exhibited even more on the network side of things. Server and network infrastructure support staff salaries are even higher than those for desktop support employees. This is a luxury smaller San Diego businesses may not be able to afford. A consulting firm can provide network setup, infrastructure support and server monitoring and care at a fraction of the price on a regular schedule or on-call.

Specialized Services: Even companies with dedicated IT staff still need help. Smaller companies typically hire a small IT staff with a wide range of skills. This “jack of all trades, master of none” method works perfectly well most of the time. When it doesn’t, IT outsourcing firms can be used to supplement existing staff by providing specialized knowledge in areas like database administration, firewall and network device configuration and phone system support. This is another area where it’s better to cover occasional issues with a la carte support.

Not all businesses need the same services. That’s why at Syndeo Communications we create custom IT plans for our clients, after auditing and learning about their company and their future goals. To see which IT services would be most beneficial for your business, contact us today and schedule a free consultation.