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Difference Between Cloud Computing and Virtualization

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Understanding the Difference Between
Cloud Computing and Virtualization

Virtualization and cloud computing are two often confused concepts. Although the two share a goal of maximizing the use of available computer resources, there are several things that differentiate the two. Once you are able to recognize the differences, you will be able to determine which one offers the best technical solution for your business.

Virtualization can be utilized to perform cloud computing, but cloud computing is not the same as virtualization. Confused? Don’t worry you’re not the only one. To help differentiate the two solutions, try to look at cloud computing as a service and virtualization as a physical infrastructure. With virtualization, multiple servers can run on a single hardware, making the most of the hardware’s capabilities in terms of performance. There is one host server that controls access to the resources on the physical server. Because multiple servers can be found on one machine, businesses are able to save on both operating and hardware costs.

Cloud computing on the other hand uses virtual servers rather than physical hardware. Businesses can store and access data and applications on these virtual servers, providing an economical way to store data. The business is not responsible to purchase or maintain actual hardware or software and can therefore save money. Cloud computing often takes data and stores it at an offsite location, as opposed to the local environment that virtualization occurs in.

Cloud Computing or Virtualization: Which is Right for You?

Both technologies can help save you money and each will help you scale your resources. Generally speaking, businesses who select virtualization often incur higher upfront costs but tend to save on operational expenses long-term. Cloud computing offers the opposite as many resources may not be needed initially, but as applications become more popular, will require more resources and grow in expense.

At Syndeo Communications, we offer a wide range of San Diego IT services to help your business increase productivity and profit. To help you decide if you need cloud computing, virtualization or a combination of both, we will talk with you about your business goals and perform an IT audit of your business to learn how your technologies are currently being utilized. With this information, our professional computer consultants will be able to provide the IT recommendations that will best benefit your business. To schedule your free computer consultation, contact us today at 760-650-3300.