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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Business’ Technology?

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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Business’ Technology?

When it comes to IT budgeting, timing is everything. It’s not a good idea to spend money on technology you won’t need until down the line. Then again, last year’s peak productivity is this year’s sluggish performance. So when is it the right time to for a business to upgrade its technology? Here are a few signs indicating the time is now.

  • Performance is suffering: Are end-user desktops becoming the bottlenecks to efficiency? Are desktops or even servers crashing? Has the network gotten slower? If any of these things are happening, it’s time for you to carefully evaluate the issue, find the culprit and replace it with something new.
  • There’s no more support: Is your software so out of date it’s no longer supported by the manufacturer? Considering how far off software manufacturer’s end-of-life dates typically are, your software is long past due for a refresh if it’s no longer supported.
  • Business growth: Increasing staffing levels leads to the need for better technology. More people on your network could mean your current infrastructure can’t support the increased traffic. Maybe a new document management system will be necessary to store and organize all the work these new employees are doing. It’s possible a phone system or storage solution is on the horizon. Business growth affects different companies’ technology needs in different ways but the need some sort of upgrade will be universal.
  • You’re “cobbled together:” Business technology grows unexpectedly and many companies meet the challenge by throwing more stuff at it with no regard for what’s in place now. These “duct tape” solutions can quickly become inefficient as divergent, incompatible software and hardware systems clash. This can happen on the server side as well. When a cobbled together solution is getting in the way instead of helping, it’s time to rip the whole thing out and replace it with an efficient, unified system.

Not sure if it’s time to update your IT? Contact the Syndeo San Diego IT consulting experts and learn if now is the best time to upgrade your IT and start actively planning for your future.