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PC vs. Mac Computers

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PC vs. Mac Computers

PC or Mac? It’s a debate that goes back to the first time a Mac rolled off the assembly line in 1984 to challenge a MS-DOS PC for home computer supremacy. The two platforms have fought over the marketplace ever since, leaving some consumers puzzled over which to choose. While it truly comes down to your own needs and tastes, here are a few general arguments for each.

You should buy a PC if:

  • You don’t want to spend a lot. If you need a computer just for web browsing and MS Office-style apps, a PC can do the job for a few hundred dollars. A comparable Mac could cost two or three times that. Apple has positioned their products in the “luxury” arena with a price tag to match.
  • You want flexibility in design. Macs are only sold by one manufacturer and there are a limited number of iterations of hardware specs. PC companies like Dell, on the other hand, allow for a far greater degree of customization when ordering a new model. PC buyers can truly pick and choose exactly the hardware they need.
  • You like to tinker. Apple hardware is a closed system. You can’t stroll into your local big box store, buy parts and build a Mac. If you want to work on your own hardware or if you’re planning on learning how to do that, stick with a PC.

You should buy a Mac if:

  • Design is a factor. Apple creates elegant machines that look and feel far more sophisticated than their PC counterparts. If you’re a “form over function” person, a Mac will beautify your space better than a PC.
  • You’re very concerned about security. Hackers and malware writers look for the biggest attack surface. Since the PC is far more common in both businesses and homes, it is a much more attractive target for those who would do harm than a Mac.
  • Support is a big deal to you. Apple is built around a culture of support with trendy, attractive Apple stores popping up all over. Apple stores often offer free support, classes and many other perks that PCs can’t match.

Each individual and each business is different, as are their needs and preferences. If you have additional questions about the PC vs. Mac debate, contact the San Diego IT consulting experts at Syndeo Communications. Call us today for a free consultation.