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Hourly vs. Flat-Rate IT Consulting

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Hourly vs. Flat-Rate IT Consulting

If you have started to do research on IT consulting companies in San Diego, you have probably noticed that there are two types of cost structures, hourly and flat-rate. With each offering their own advantages and disadvantages, it is important to learn about both structures so you can select the IT consulting company that will best meet the needs of your individual business.

There are many consulting companies that offer hourly IT consulting, a cost structure that was designed to help businesses reduce their costs. Instead of paying to have an in-house team working full-time, even when the business’ technology is operating flawlessly, the business is only required to pay for the time when consultants are working on a project or fixing a problem. In addition, a business will be able to omit the costs of employee taxes and benefits as the consultants are independent contractors. Unfortunately, with hourly consulting, it can be difficult to determine exactly which services you are being billed for. In addition, businesses are often left worried that they were billed for hours of work that wasn’t completed.

Flat-rate IT consulting is the preferred option for businesses, especially for smaller businesses that do not have the resources or additional revenue to support a full-time IT consulting team. A flat-rate structure offers the same benefits as an hourly structure. Businesses are able to reduce their costs by only paying for IT services when needed and are still not responsible for taxes and benefits. However, an additional and one of the most significant benefits of a flat-rate consulting structure is that businesses are able to plan their costs ahead of time. A single monthly rate will cover any technical planning, maintenance and support, providing no surprises or expensive last minute costs to the business.

Flat-Rate Technology Consulting Tailored to Your Business

At Syndeo Communications, we offer flat-rate IT consulting in San Diego to help increase your productivity and profit. However, our flat-rate pricing model does not mean that each business receives the same set of services. We recognize that each business is unique and requires its own tailored IT plan. After a careful audit and examination of your technology, we will help you create a customized IT plan that is priced to reflect the IT infrastructure changes and support that you need. For a free consultation, contact us today at 760-650-3300.