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Guide to IT Audits

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What is an IT Audit and Why Do You Need One?

An IT audit is a necessary tool for gauging security and is a regular part of a progressive IT organization’s annual review procedures. So what exactly is an IT audit, who conducts it and why is it important to you?

What is an IT Audit?

An IT audit is a thorough examination of the way an IT organization safeguards data. In an IT audit, an organization’s “controls,” or checks and balances against data loss or inappropriate access, are evaluated. Items checked during an IT audit include change control strategies, account creation and deletion policies, password policies, network layout and documentation, outlines of core IT processes, the company’s technology policy and more. The audit gauges business availability, confidentiality and the integrity of data to allow IT management a full view of their systems’ strengths and weaknesses.

Who Conducts an IT Audit?

San Diego IT consulting firms conduct the bulk of IT audits. They can also be performed by accounting firms as part of a company’s annual overall audit but there is a belief that IT consultants with real technology expertise are better-suited to thoroughly executing a comprehensive audit than accountants who are simply trained in what to look for and are working from a checklist. Depending on the level of audit, experienced IT consultants will carry out the audit by interviewing staff, analyzing documentation, testing processes and even probing for weaknesses.

Why is an IT Audit Important to My Business?

We have reached a point where a company’s most valuable asset isn’t its physical assets. The annual global cost of cyber crime is now estimated at over 100 billion dollars. The people who want to steal your company’s data are out there and they just need to find one hole in a process, a single weak password or a long-forgotten account that wasn’t closed and they will be in. Regular, thorough IT audits conducted by knowledgeable IT consulting firms are a crucial tool for any company serious about avoiding becoming a victim a cyber crime.

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