Digital Business: Evolving Companies, Evolving IT Needs

What’s a “digital business?” A quick search yields many definitions and opinions of what makes a company “digital.” It’s easier to think of “digital business” less as a strict definition and more as a range. Company A might just be testing the waters with a few outsourced applications while Company Z is so digital they don’t even have a physical office, while every company in between is using technology in varying degrees. All can be considered “digital businesses” with their own characteristic technologies and needs. As companies become more digital, IT support challenges evolve as well.

Knowledge as a Service

One way companies can become more digital is by outsourcing specific aspects of their IT departments, saving money and freeing up IT staff to be more proactive and forward-thinking. Specific IT needs, like firewall administration, DBA and security consulting can be handled by third party San Diego IT consultants with specific expertise. Some companies even offer remote desktop support, allowing a digital business to move their helpdesk to the cloud.

Specific Applications

Software as a service (SaaS) allows companies to become more digital and more agile. Digital businesses can replace difficult application rollouts with a simple sign up and monthly fee paid to a cloud software provider. Daily-use software like office apps and CRM products can be switched out overnight far less painfully than typical enterprise-wide installs. Infrastructure-level applications, such as mail security, backup and even hardware as a service are all available from consulting firms and help aspiring businesses transition to the digital model.


Another are of support that digital businesses often need is in the area of consulting. Some companies want to “go digital” but don’t know where to start. Others may already be heavy into software-, infrastructure- or platform-as-a-service but may need direction of where to go next. Still others may be having difficulty with their current outsourced solutions and may need guidance to figure out better options. San Diego IT consulting companies can help businesses in all these cases by assessing their needs and matching them with digital solutions.

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