6 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

“The cloud” is the hot tech buzzword that’s not going away, and with good reason. Cloud computing isn’t a fad. It’s a new way of managing IT needs that is revolutionizing how we do businesses. The benefits of taking it to the cloud are especially relevant to small businesses.

Hardware cost savings

Infrastructure spending is a major up-front cost for any business but is especially impactful a smaller company’s bottom line. Infrastructure as a service (“IaaS”) lets businesses utilize storage, networking and even hosted servers on a third party platform on a “pay as you go” basis through a San Diego cloud service provider at a much more affordable rate.

Save on software, too

As expensive as hardware is, software licensing and support is no slouch when it comes to hitting companies right in the wallet, either. Software as a Service (“SaaS”) vendors offer important business applications like productivity software, email, CRM and antivirus on a monthly per user basis that can be far less expensive than standard licensing and support.

Save on staffing

It’s not just about hardware and software. Businesses need people to manage all those systems and troubleshoot problems. Using a third party for even a few select systems can greatly reduce IT staff costs.

Freedom to grow

As a small business grows, it will need more technology resources to keep up. Cloud services let smaller companies stay agile and grow quickly, effortlessly adding infrastructure and software as needed with just a few clicks.


With onsite hardware and software, employees are tied to their desks. SaaS solutions afford workers with the flexibility to work from home or on the road with nothing but a computer and a connection.

Disaster Recovery

Coming up with contingency plans for all systems is time consuming and expensive, and then you may not even know if the plan works until something breaks. Cloud solutions put the responsibility of backup and disaster data recovery on someone else, saving time and money.

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